Additive Manufacturing - Regular Course

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Additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, is transforming how products are designed, produced, and serviced. Additive Manufacturing allows for rapid prototyping and on-demand production without any wastage. Using digital design tools, it offers breakthrough performance, quick response time and efficiency as well as unparalleled flexibility across industries. There is a huge demand for people with trained in additive manufacturing - and this demand is projected to grow exponentially.

This course aims to take participants through the basics of additive manufacturing, an understanding of its applications and processes, as well as provide deep practical training on 3D production processes.

This course will provide a thorough understanding of Additive Manufacturing, its applications, various types of processes with particular focus on FDM and polyjet technologies, as well as practical hands-on training.

• Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
• Additive Manufacturing technologies and materials
• Design and process considerations
• Post-processing and quality assessment
• Applications of AM & industry case studies
• Practical Course of AM

After completing this course, learners would be proficient in using a variety of 3D printers for a range of tasks and functions using different materials and processes.

The faculty are drawn from leading academicians and industry experts.

Engineering and Science Graduates as well as Design professionals. CAD knowledge is a requirement. (This can also be done at the CoE)

300 hours

Rs Two Lakh (plus GST)

Admissions are now open

Scholarships are available to deserving candidates. Contact us for details

While the basic approach of adding of layer-upon-layer is simple, there are many sophisticated applications of AM technology including:

• a visualization tool in design
• a means to create highly customized products for consumers and professionals alike
• as industrial tooling
• to produce small lots of production parts• and in the near future….production of human organs

The applications of Additive Manufacturing are limitless. Today, it can be applied in various industries such as motor vehicles, consumer products, business machines, medical, academic, aerospace, government/military, and others (architecture, paleontology, and forensic pathology). Additive Manufacturing is being used to fabricate end-use products in aircraft, dental restorations, medical implants, automobiles, and even fashion products.